Live as if your success is inevitable.

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I have a journaling practice that I repeat throughout the year for clarity. I’ll write out what my ideal life would look like, then I’ll scale it down and write about my ideal year. From here, I’ll create a set of realistic yearly and six-month goals to make that outcome a reality.

However, as I got to the goal-setting part while writing down my intentions for 2021, this wild thought came up for me; What if I set the intention to live 2021 as my ideal year?


Manifesting isn’t about getting, it’s about becoming.

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There’s a common misconception that manifesting is about getting exactly what you want — a particular job, a romantic relationship with a specific person, a new car, a luxury vacation. This idea makes manifesting sound like magic. You think about it and then POOF! It appears.

When I first learned about manifesting and the Law of Attraction, at least that’s how I understood it. Most do because it’s marketed that way.

The LOA states that our thoughts (positive or negative) attract like experiences into our lives. …

Relationships are spiritual assignments — heal the wound to stop the cycle.

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After two years of what felt like a never-ending nightmare, my roommate from hell situation was coming to an end. All the passive-aggressive notes, fake smiles, uneasiness of being in the discomfort of my own home, were finally coming to pass. As I figured out my future living situation, I vowed to myself, “not another roommate.”

I’ve had this happen to me before, twice. You settle on living with a seemingly stable person, you become close friends, and somewhere out of the blue, the relationship falls through. And then the drama begins.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” …

According to NLP and psychology

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As a person who’s dealt with mental health issues, I know how difficult it is to eliminate negative thought patterns deeply ingrained in our psyche. These thoughts are often our greatest setbacks; they cause us to self-sabotage, self-destruct, and can leave us in a state of perpetual inaction.

People become fixated on the idea of letting go of negative thoughts without realizing there’s no such thing as eliminating a thought. The only way to get rid of it is to replace it with a better thought.

The phrase “reprogramming your mind” stems from NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming. I know, it…

Sometimes you just need a reminder.

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Most people have a negative story about themselves they play on repeat on the screens of their minds.

They hold on to those moments they felt the weakest, most vulnerable, those moments when the pain was so great they never thought it would end, with shame and regret.

But what if our adversities are our greatest blessings in disguise?

What if those moments were meant to make us stronger, braver, more willing to stand up for what is right, more willing to play full out?

What if those moments were not for us but for somebody else?

I like to…

#8. Be the vessel, not the source.

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Whether you’re a professional writer or on the path to becoming one — one thing’s for sure, writing isn’t easy.

I’m an excellent grant and research writer. I can hash out multiple pages of scientific jargon effortlessly. Content writing, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast.

It would take me hours to write a handful of sentences when I started creating content as a ghostwriter. After a few months of practice, I found some simple hacks that cut my writing time by half.

If you’re a creative, entrepreneur, or small business owner, mastering the art of content writing…

Take responsibility for your own life.

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When things don’t go the way you planned, have you ever stopped and asked yourself:

“How am I at cause for this?”

Are you one of those people who can analyze a situation unbiasedly and take responsibility for your own actions?

Or do you find it more convenient to blame your present circumstances, your past, or other people, for life not going the way you hoped for?

It’s more comfortable, almost soothing, to play the victim card. But victim mentality will never help get you out of your present circumstances, much less improve your life.

Cause > Effect

The most empowering thing you…

Use these 6 steps to create your dreams joyfully and effectively.

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If you’re a creative on the path of entrepreneurship or financial freedom, chances are you have massive goals and a hunger to achieve them.

You’re aware of the input that’s required before you even start seeing tangible results. However, you’ve committed anyway because you know what’s lying on the other side is worth it. 100x worth it.

Those who’ve succeeded will tell you that overcoming internal conflicts will be your greatest battles. One will be the fear of losing momentum at the expense of your well-being.

Have you ever felt torn between appreciating where you are and embracing your ambition…

Listen closely and take action.

When was the last time fear held you back from doing something you wanted?

For me, it was staying in a job that I hated for two years too long instead of figuring out my calling sooner. It’s easy to blame fear when in retrospect, acting out of fear could’ve saved me a whole lot of time. Fear wasn’t keeping me in misery, I was.

We make fear out to be some mythological boogeyman out to terrorize our peace of mind when in reality fear is our alley.

Invest in your goals and make sure there’s no turning back.

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I was an avid Medium reader for almost a year before stumbling upon the prolific Benjamin Hardy, PhD, ironically, through a podcast. He talked about how one’s success is greatly determined by the behaviors associated with their self-image. In other words, how one sees themself is how they’ll act.

If you see yourself being successful, then you will act as though you are.

Anyone who’s read a personal development book is familiar with this idea. Changing one’s self-image is the foundation of most self-help literature, yet millions of people still struggle to achieve success in their lives.

The reason being…

Brenda Abigail, MSc

Millennial scientist, mindset coach, & spiritual dog momma.

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