Hi Greg! Took a long holiday break off of Medium, slowly getting back into it. I’d be more than happy to read your article. I’m sorry if this is too late of a reply.

When I wrote for the The Ascent I kept these things in mind:

  • Trying to connect the article to my personal experiences (I struggle with this usually, I just want to give out all of the advice) but keeping them brief.
  • Really tried to give as much value as possible. Basically wrote this article with love for the reader. I spent a good amount of time on it, but didn’t mind because it’s a topic I’m preparing to teach – i.e. something I’m extremely passionate about.
  • I should mention, my article was 1,500 words, 12 min read. I was nervous because most articles on the Ascent in the 5–6 min long.
  • I focused on channeling my most influential mentor in manifesting, Dr. Dyer, while writing. Had a lot of synchronicities/interactions with him the days I worked on this. Wouldn’t admit this to the regular person.

Let me know!

Millennial scientist, mindset coach, & spiritual dog momma.

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